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Holy Cow


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1. In a Week Or Two (Ill Give It Back to You) 

2. Dynamic Exhilarator 

3. A Litl Bitl Do It to Ya Evry Time 

4. A Bloodless Casualty 

5. Make It to Another Day (I Keep Rolling On My Way) 

6. Another Broken Promise 

7. Just Another Humanoid 

8. Turning Point 

9. Two People Can Keep a Secret (If One of Them Is Dead) 

10. Theme from An Imaginary Sci Fi 

11. Cell Towers

12. Swimming Underwater (Bonus track)


2008 Japan Only Release by Bassist Billy Sheehan (Steve Vai). Compared to his two previous solo efforts, 2001's Compression and 2005's Cosmic Troubadour, Sheehan considers Holy Cow "an evolution; a further advancement."

Joining him are Guitarist Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top as well as Simone Sello and Paul Gilbert , celebrated Drummer Ray Luzier, and Doug Pinnick on vocals.


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