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Last Desire (special edition)


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01. Event Horizon.

02. Misr.

03. Wild Spell.

04. Last Desire.

05. Away.

06. Space Trip.

07. Jade Star.

08. Great Heaven’s Climb.

09. Cat-House.

10. Toxie Radd.

11. La Serenissima.

12. Scarlett.



13. Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd cover)

14. Greedy Blade (instrumental)

15. Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple cover)

16. Great Heaven's Climb (demo version)


The ultra powerful Italian metal outfit Mastercastle return on June 18th 2010 with their second album ‘Last Desire’.  Led by the soaring vocals of Giorgia Gueglio, the gifted guitar work of Pier Gonella and the tight rhythmic interplay of bassist Steve Vawamas and drummer Alessandro Bissa, Mastercastle made a strong impression with their debut album; the 2009 release “The Phoenix” and are back with an even more impressive follow up.
‘Last Desire’ takes a similar path to its predecessor yet sees the debuts neo-classical influences toned down a little and replaced with a straighter hard rock/metal sound making for a more rocking affair.  The big riffs Pier Gonella is known for are here in all their glory and Giorgia Gueglio works her vocals into new areas on the new music, whilst the bass work and potent drumming are powerfully produced creating a thunderous sound.


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