////Neil Zaza – When Gravity Fails

Neil Zaza – When Gravity Fails


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1. Something Anything
2. Purple Plush
3. Cinematic
4. In My Dreams
5. Bleed
6. Celestine
7. Danza Della Notte
8. Heavyocity
9. My Only Son
10. My Dearest
11. Ultra
12. The Awakening
13. Before The Throne
Total time: 57:10

Release date: 08/2006


Neil Zaza’s 2006 CD, When Gravity Fails, features new stunning moments in instrumental music, with highlights such as dueling guitar and keyboard solos with Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess and Michael Anthony’s pounding bass in “Heavyocity”. How about consecutive solos by Jordan Rudess, Peter Frampton and Zaza with a backing of strings, horns, and Steve Smith’s driving beat in the epic “Cinematic”? Or check out the climatic simultaneous solo with Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Neil on “Ultra”… As Zaza says, “In every artistic endeavor, there are always forces that pull you away and make creating and expression difficult. But when that force (much like the gravity that tries to keep us down) fails, artistic expression and creative fulfillment can rise. So basically, when the CD is completed it is a testament to gravity failing to stop the artistic process.”


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