01. Dangerous
02. Endless
03. Crash
04. Spiral
05. Melt
06. Tragic
07. Tziganne
08. Lost
Total time: 48:15
Release date: 07/2000
There is an awe-inspiring yet refreshingly playful chemistry that transpires when these three complex souls get together. Stevens and Bozzio share a love for the hot passionate rhythms of flamenco. Levin and Bozzio can, and do quite often, attack their chosen weapons with a rapid delicacy that exposes a like-mindedness that is deep, abstract and rare within recorded music. And completing the trinity of graphic connections, Levin and Stevens both share a far-flung sense of exploration when it comes to the technological advancements made beyond the traditional restraints of stringed instruments.

Terry Bozzio – Drums and Electronic Tape Loops
Steve Stevens – All Guitars
Tony Levin – Basses and Stick