One of the front runners of the Italian progressive metal scene, Astra mark their first release for Lion Music with the dazzling “From Within”.  Best described as a mixture of Symphony X, Vanden Plas, early Dream Theater and Queen crossed with some AOR touches; the new album sees Astra delivering an album of high quality from start to finish with a strong accessible punch to the music on offer. Having made a good impression with press worldwide with their debut album “About Me: Through Life And Beyond” (Burning Star Records) the band have honed their style for “From Within” and look set to reach out to a wider audience of prog metal fans worldwide. Possessing a more straightforward progressive metal sound, Ten tracks of musically rich and melodically full metal, “From Within” is ultra powerful in song structure and musicianship all enhanced by an excellent production.  To sum up “From Within” is accessible, catchy and impressive as hell.

“From Within”s creation began in late Dec 2007 with jams done by Titta (on the drums), Emanuele, Silvio and Andrea. Filippo then joined the band for a week and gave his help to create some tunes and finished other songs. A lot of pre-production was made and with the help of internet all the vocals line and keyboard parts were ready 5 months before the recording sessions. The recording sessions ran from February – March 2008 and the mixing sessions finalised the album in September-October 2008 all being finalised with the release of “From Within” on February 20th 2009.