Total time: 53:46

ACHING BEAUTY, don’t forget this name ! This band is provided with every card for becoming the new sensation in the world of Progressive heavy-metal, as their debut album is so impressive with mastery and maturity. Released on the Brennus label, “L’Ultima Ora” (2004) is quite close to the trendy standards in United States and Northern Europe. Influences are rich and diverse: Progressive rock, pop-rock, heavy-metal, jazz-rock… Compositions borrow from QUEEN or YES as well as DREAM THEATER or SHADOW GALLERY, generally in a totally new style, a fusion in which the band sets its own identity with perfection. Very square and professional, the production is in tune with the impressive technical mastery of the musicians. A little addition, before concluding this presentation: the band is French… Let’s rejoice as MOLIERE’s country hasn’t made us used to such a high level so far. One more reason to get converted !