Martin LeMar – vocals
Rainer Grund – guitars
Oliver Schwickert – keys
Chris Doerr – bass
Tom Diener – drums

Total time: 58:05
Release date: 10/2008

Since finding a stable home on Lion Music in 2006 with “Mirror Of Creation II -Genesis 2”. German’s based metallers Tomorrow’s Eve have gone from strength to strength thanks to the exceptionally high and original quality of their music coupled with an ultra-powerful live show that has been impressing audiences across Europe over the last 2 years.

Now, Tomorrow’s Eve are back again with a powerhouse of an album. “Tales From Serpentia”, a collage of short stories, written by a twisted mind; dark and dreadful fictions from the abyss. Musically Tomorrow’s Eve still performs progressive metal, but with an emphasis on catchy melodic vocal lines and heavy riffs. The band plays complex but always accessible songs, holding interesting details to discover over repeated listens. In short: very dark, very melodic, and very accessible.