Outlines, an album containing rich distorted textures, washes of chorus and delay, wah infected slide, jazzy-esque single note lines and stark yet memorable melodies. It ranges from melancholy and emotional tracks like “Falling Free” and “Urban Lullaby” to the hard hitting rock of “S.N.F” and “Trippin.” Bill also incorporates his own take on “Coltrane changes” with the title track “Outlines” and the dreamy sounding “New rays from a distant sun”.

Instrumental Guitarist Bill Palmer is said to be one of Australia’s finest emerging guitar players. Along similar stylistic lines to that of Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson, Bill has strong support from music industry heavy weights such as US virtuoso guitarist and producer TJ Helmerich, who mixed and mastered the album, and fans including Randall Waller – guitar soloist and member of Shaina Twain’s band and Australian Idol judge Mark Holden, Bill wants to spread the word about Outlines, which tells the stories of his life through music.”Outlines is hardly just another “guitar” album but rather an evolved musical statement from a creative, original and diverse artist,” TJ Helmerich said.