Debut Solo Album “The Journey Of Life”. 10 track album thats has a wide varitey of guitar styles that wont bore the listener. Sytles ranging from heavy rock / melodic rock / experimental / ambient. ” I wanted to write an album thats enjoyable from start to finish. I like writing the rock tracks but still love writing the ambient/relaxing guitar tunes. I think its best to do this as the album has a bit of everything ”

For fans of  Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck etc this will be up your way. But im hopeful this album still has my own style, and technique that makes me different from the guitar greats.

Music is part of our life’s, it helps us get through events and emotions in our life’s. My debut cd “The Journey Of Life” is there to help you threw your journey of life ! Had a bad day ? Hard day at work ? Sit down and play the cd and relax. Need something to move you forward ? Some driving music ? Music for your work out at the gym ? Play the cd and play it loud !

You don’t have to be a guitarist or musician to listen to my music. Its for everybody. My guitar playing is there to take over the vocals, with my melodies and structures. I hope you get the feel, the mood and the energy that I try to express with my music. But most important you enjoy it !