“It’s Important” has been recorded in various time and space around the world, mixed, engineered an mastered by Riccardo Samperi at TRP Music. Please, notice that this record will host as guest stars various well known musicians, like Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson), Phrashant Aswani, Jennifer Batten, Neil Zaza, Dave martone, Fabrizio Leo (shrapnel artist), Marco Sfogli (James la Brie), and Alessandro Benvenuti, to name a few… This album’s musical style is kind of Rock-Fusion, but wisely mixed with energic hard rock veins scattered through the tracks, to achieve a perfect balance of melody and passion. It is a different sound than what has not been heard yet, thanks to a really polyhedric use of the bass, which is played all the way around using speed-of-light tapping, slapping, finger picking, harmonics, muted grooves, odd-metered timings, arpeggios, and even many of these techniques combined together. Whatever playing style and technique Dino is using he always search a sound that would please both the experienced musician appreciating highly complicated and difficult technicalities and the one seeking for emotions for his heart and ears. This is an instrumental album, thinking by a bassist but not only for the bass.