////Gregg Bissonette – Submarine (Import)

Gregg Bissonette – Submarine (Import)


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1. Marbles - (feat. Frank Gambale)
2. Submarine - (feat. Doug Bossi)
3. No Ey Parqueo - (feat. Gary Hoey/David Garfield)
4. Lum Lum -
(feat. Joe Satriani)
5. Train To Willoughby -
(feat. Steve Stevens)
6. Noah's Ark -
(feat. Steve Vai)
7. Cloudy Day -
(feat. Robben Ford)
8. Son Man, The -
(feat. Tim Pierce)
9. Sasquatch -
(feat. Mike Landau)
10. 12 To 3 -
(feat. Matt Bissonette)
11. So Many Notes, So Little Time -
(feat. Richie Kotzen)


There’s plenty of room here for Gregg to show off his drumstick dexterity, from rocking, to shuffling, to swing and Afro Cuban grooves, but more importantly this disc is just plain easy to listen to. Notice the phrase ‘easy listening’ wasn’t used. While all the playing is definitely smooth, there’s nothing ‘smooth jazz’ about this.


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