Love exotic World music mixed with cool Hip-Hop beats ? Dig the sound of passionate lead guitar ? Meet GUITAR GARDEN, the new voice of World Progressive music !

Guitar Garden’s music has been featured on NPR’s “MORNING EDITION” radio program, and has received countless rave reviews from critics across the country.

The atmospheric sound of CHINA ROSE features contemporary World Progressive music blended with soulful guitar solos, heavy keyboards, and Asian melodies, providing this CD with a breakthrough instrumental sound.

Fans of Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Genesis, the Flower Kings, and Chinese classical composer Tan Dun will revel in the atmospheric quality of the music, which features deep grooves and orchestral keyboard pads, in addition to ripping guitar work. Of his guitar approach, leader Pete Prown notes, “Besides the traditional acoustic and electric guitars that we play on the album, I sometimes use guitar synthesizers at times to create unique sounds,” he adds. “Listen to ‘Cloudburst,’ where the main solo features acoustic guitar and acoustic piano in perfect unison.

The CD also features master acoustic-fingerstyle guitarist, Rich Maloof, who contributes great solos to “Erhu” and “China Rose,” among others. For Prown’s *blistering* electric-guitar solos, cue up “Green Mountains” or the pulsating groove of “Ashes of the Pagoda.”

In all, Guitar Garden’s CHINA ROSE CD contains nine tracks of passionate and dynamic World Progressive music. With soul.