Mr.Fastfinger, the guitar Sensei, is back with a new adventure. New album In Motion is beyond a classical instrumental rock album, and carries more energy, catchy riffs, emotion, arrangements and more epic solos than ever before! In Motion are 12 compositions that flow perfectly together. The careful selection of glorious musical themes alternates with very intense, fast and emotional guitar solos, very loud riffs with tribal percussion, ambient keyboards and an amount of exotic instruments unmatched in the instrumental rock genre. Mr.Fastfinger’s guitar always serve music as he unveil in In Motion a phenomenal emotional guitar playing and a fantastic talent for composition. The licks are on high voltage and the guitars sound alive like never heard before! The musical journey is so well crafted that the guess appearances are seamless and perfectly diluted to the overall album. Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), with his personality, tone and virtuosity, is the perfect complementary to Mr.Fastfinger in the mystic, 80′s electronic atmospheric Super Sinister. Two fantastic blues men, Timo Kämäräinen and Thomas Blug, temper Fastfinger’s frenzy guitars with their and fine guitar phrases. Guitar disciples, you will enjoy even more your journey with the fretboard game, jamtracks and lessons to inspire you on your way! In Motion is proudly distributed by the label Mad Guitar Records.