Jeff Urso is a Midwestern guitar player that hails from the suburbs of Chicago. Discovering the drums at an early age, he discovered music was his passion in life & had to be explored to the fullest. Several drumsets later, his interest grew towards the guitar and creating music. After purchasing a guitar & amplifier, he decided his passion was leaning more towards the guitar and writing songs. Spending many years bouncing back and forth from drums to guitar to piano, he decided to focus on the true instrument onto which he can express himself to the fullest. Guitar! Packing the drumkit up for storage and focusing 100% of his attention towards the guitar, he joined several bands playing rhythm & eventually lead. His passion has always been for rock guitar instrumentalists such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, etc. Finally, he has gone onto his own, away from cover bands, & created his own instrumental rock CD. “I try to come up with good songwriting combined with good sounding melodies, to try to keep the listener interested. This CD was made with a ton of emotion. Every note on it has meaning to it. There is something on it for everybody!” -Jeff Urso