John Huldt was born in 1876 and was raised by the monks of Tibet. He was soon recognized for his tremendous talent for music and by the age of 3 he had already traveled the world and written music for both orchestra and acid jazz bands.

“Rules Do Not Apply” is his first instrumental guitar driven CD and what sets it apart for the bulk of its peers is the heavy emphasis on song writing and dynamics.

“I didnt wanna do a CD with just chord vamps and guitar shredding. Of course there’s every trick in the book on my CD as well but its used from, I believe a more musical standpoint. I dont want my music to sound like exercises but like actual songs with recognizable parts like verse, chorus and so on…”

Playing with him he has soon-to-be-famous greek drummer Kal Drakopoulos and world renowned bassist Phil Bynoe.

And here’s what some famous people have to say about his playing…

“Before I heard John Huldt play, I was stuck in this I-IV-V chord rut. But listening to his music really made my ears open up for more colorful harmonics. Like minor chords and shit…”
F. Chopin – Keyboard player.

“If it wasnt for John Huldts insane feel for time and spacing of notes, I would’ve never came up with special and general relativity. I owe him so much!”
A. Einstein – Patent clerk and hobby physicist.

“I used to think I was the second best guitar player in the Universe after Yngwie Malmsteen but now I guess I’ll have to accept to be second runner up…”
God – Creator of all things.

Of course not one word of this bio is true. Im just another guy with a guitar but I do believe I got really good songs 🙂 If you buy my music I get really happy! I also do all kinds of session, studio and live work so if you ever need a solid guitar player, hit me up!
John Huldt