Combine two rock legends with a hot rhythm trio from Brazil and you get OTR (On The Rocks). Led by the bluesy, soulful and distinctive voice of former Uriah Heep vocalist John Lawton and the expressive fretwork of ex Focus guitarist Jan Dumee, OTR are completed by the swinging powerful Brazilian rhythm section of Ney Conceicao on Bass, Xande Figueiredo on Drums and Marvio Ciribelli on Organ, Rhodes and Piano to create “Mamonama”.

OTR’s debut album is home to ten tracks of classic rock coupled with some jazz influences that encapsulates various moods and expressions in an accessible package for all fans of melodic and classic rock. OTR recorded ‘Mamonama’ in Rio de Janeiro and the Netherlands. The mix was done in Brazil’s foremost cd/dvd recording studio ‘Mosh’ in Sao Paulo.

Whilst hear traces of the classic Uriah Heep and Focus sound can be heard in the instrumentation, OTR add their own slant to the classic rock sound with a vibe that nods to the classic timeless sounds of yester year; yet all the while striving forward into the future in their delivery and outlook. “Mamonama” is five musicians getting together from different sides of the planet, having a good time, and showcasing that vibe in their music with the band focused on reaching a new audience young and old with their new music.