Neon Alchemist, Stringweaver and Swim like Sushi (live), 3 EP’s on one CD, 67 minutes + Digital download of all the music + backing track mixes of Neon Alchemist EP. Featuring tunes such as: Alchemist, Miku, Blissrush, Awaki-Waki, Practice Heart… Buy the CD and you get a fast access to the mp3 files in email. Signed CD comes with a “Play Guitar Rather Than Eat 3 Meals a Day” – sticker and Mr. Fastfinger’s Attack -pick.

About Neon Alchemist EP:

Mika Tyyskä’s creation Mr. Fastfinger in a new musical adventure: Neon Alchemist -EP is filled with instrumental bliss.

Real traveling music. The tunes were greatly inspired by Mika’s recent tours that took him to Asia and USA. The tunes Blissrush and Hypnagoga where actually composed on a long flight home from Singapore via Hong Kong to Helsinki.
While in Tokyo special guitar effects pedal “Miku” was found at a music store. It turns the guitar playing into vocal like singing. It was love at first note. “Miku” sounds like a universal space love song, something completely new and mind blowing. It’s definetly one of the most epic tunes from Mr. Fastfinger. Alchemist is clrealy more Hollywood inspired. There’s a real 80’s vibe to it, maybe it should have been called Beverly Hills Alchemist.

With Neon Alchemist, Mr. Fastfinger and Mika Tyyskä finds something new and fresh in instrumental guitar rock. Dynamic guitar performances are together with some fat grooves. Horizon is filled with with stimulating colors, lights and sounds.

MIKA TYYSKÄ – Singing Guitar + Synthetic sounds
LASSE RANTANEN – Pump and Slap Bass + Throaty joik
THOMAS TÖRNROOS – Striking Drums + Beat + Percussions

Congas on Blissrush MAURO GARGANO.
Recorded and mixed at Mountain Tone by MIKA TYYSKÄ.
Drums recorded by OLLI KYKKÄNEN, 2nd engineer TEEMU TYYSKÄ at Soundtrack Studios, Magnusborg Studios.
Mastered at Chartmakers East by HENKKA NIEMISTÖ.
Cover illustration OSSI PIRKONEN

Music written and produced by MIKA TYYSKÄ
Elektrik Pyjamas 2016