////Neil Zaza – Rewind: The Definitive Collection

Neil Zaza – Rewind: The Definitive Collection


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1. I Spy
2. All My Life...
3. Fargo
4. Little Drummer Boy (Live-2002)
5. Lost in Your Dream
6. Melodica
7. Jesu, The Joy of Man's Desiring
8. Higher and Higher (Live-1994)
9. Melodia
10. Town Without Pity (Unreleased demo-1999)
11. I'm Alright (Live)
12. Zen, Karma and Other Good Things
13. We Three Kings (Live-2002)
14. Untitled
15. New, New Math
16. Tobaber
17. Across the Sands
18. Friends
19. Simple Life (Writing Session)
20. This Time
21. Frankenstein (Live-1993)
22. Eleanor Rigby (SATS outtake)
23. Sleepwalk (Unreleased Demo-1999)
24. Everything I Should Have Said...
25. Miller's Atomic Mood Swing (Live-1994)
26. Faith
27. Guitar Solo (Live)
28. Oh Holy Night (Live-2002)
29. Fearless (Live)
30. O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Live-2002)
31. The Joof (Live-1994)


This two CD collection is a venerable history lesson in the music and career of Neil Zaza. Spanning over 12 years, this project presents material from Neil first instrumental effort, Two Hands, One Heart, through the current day opus, Melodica. Included with the standard NZ favs are unreleased demos, live cuts, and even the writing session for the song that would become “This Time”! If you think you have heard everything Neil has done, get ready to be surprised because this is the CD for you.


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