“Classic music may be looked at and performed in many different ways, constantly being discovered by new technology and musicians alike. The three titles on this recording are exemplary examples re-seen through the eyes of the composer and four outstanding American musicians, who have added their musical wealth to these new interpretations, which truly deserve to carry the mantel of the title ‘Classic Tracks'” – Rick Wakeman

Track 3 is a bonus track. “Umberto II” is a previously unreleased recording featuring Mario Fasciano and makes itself very much at home with these other ‘Classic Tracks’.

“Classic Tracks” is a unique recording from Rick Wakeman, and reaffirms his continued devotion to music. Tracks 1,2 and 4 are considered by many to be some of his finest work.

As mentioned above, “Umberto II” in an unreleased track recorded with Mario Fasciano, a huge folk hero from Naples, Italy.