////That Was Then, This Is Now

Andy Timmons

That Was Then, This Is Now


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1. Super 70's   

2. Pink Champagne Sparkle 

3. Falling Down 

4. Beautiful, Strange

5. Turn Away

6. I Remember Stevie

7. Cry For You

8. Farmer Sez

9. Electric Gypsy

10. It's Getting Better

11. That Was Then, This Is Now

12. Groove Or Die

13. Night To Remember, A

14. Carpe Diem

15. Donna Lee - (live)

16. Slips Away (Dedicated To George Harrison)


That Was Then, This Is Now contains tracks from the albums EAR X-TACY and EAR X-TACY 2, as well as new songs.

Andy Timmons (vocals, guitar)
Mike Daane (bass)
Mitch Marine (drums)


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