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Shocka Zooloo


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1. Thumb
2. Maximum Respect
3. Stand on Up
4. Family Man
5. Stay Together
6. River Flow
7. No Good w/Out the Bad
8. Go My Way
9. Spank
10. Got Nothing to Say
11. Shocka Zooloo
12. Give It Up
13. Thrash
14. Thumb [Instrumental]


With guest musicians ranging from Bernie Worrell (P-Funk) to Al Pitrelli (Megadeth) and Chris Caffrey, bassist T.M. Steven’s Shocka Zooloo blends metal, funk, reggae, rap and rock (and a dozen other genres), with the emphasis on his bread-and-butter – da funk. Stevens has worked with Joe Cocker, Steve Vai, Tina Turner, James Brown and about a hundred other notable musicians in his career, and his skill and proficiency as a bassist, vocalist and sideman is legendary. His ferocious, yet melodic, style of bass is as unique as his larger than life persona.


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