Cyril LEPIZZERA caught the electric guitar virus as he listened to SANTANA’s “Europa” by the end of the Eighties. His parents then sent him learn the guitar at the Marseilles’ Conservatoire. After five years of study, bored with the classical music, he decided to fly on his own wings. Influenced by the great artists playing shredding-guitar (Tony McALPINE, Paul GILBERT, Yngwie MALMSTEEN…), he praticed his scales with Cyril ACHARD, notably. He also took jazz-rock lessons with Philippe ROBERT. That is to say, Cyril LEPIZZERA has a solid and established experience. In 2001, he created HEAVY GUITARS with his mate Richard RONCAROLO. They both recorded “Structural Damage” in the following year for the Brennus label. Cyril LEPIZZERA then recorded his first solo album called “Eternity” (2005) for the same label.