////Temporal Analogues of Paradise

Jonas Hellborg/Shawn Lane/Sipe

Temporal Analogues of Paradise


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In stock

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1. Temporal Analogues of Paradise: 1st Movement - 32:18
2. Temporal Analogues of Paradise: 2nd Movement - 27:06


Here’s another stunningly beautiful Jonas Hellborg album with another misleadingly dorky title (cf. Octave of the Holy Innocents, Ars Moriende, etc.). The dorkiness of the title is misleading because it’s simply not reflected in the music, which, while decidedly virtuosic and occasionally even esoteric, is for the most part admirably grounded and accessible. With guitar hero Shawn Lane and drummer Apt. Q-258 (aka Jeff Sipe), Hellborg spins out two half-hour long improvisations, the album is a solid success overall.


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