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The Rule Of Right


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1. Destiny

2. Till The End Of Time

3. Still

4. The Rule Of Right

5. Desperado

6. King Of The Castle

7. Time Of Revelation

8. Partita BWV826

9. Now Your Turn

10. Sprendid Grief

11. Dancing On The Edge

12. Blind Faith

13. Etude


Japan’s Kelly Simonz 2002 release is entitled The Rule Of Right – a melodically metallic CD chock full of instrumental tracks (six) and wickedly fast neo-classical solos and stylings. The instrumental tracks include a piano track (“Sprendid Grief”), a heavy acoustic guitar piece (“Desperado”), a neo-classical guitar/keyboard solo work (“Partita BWV826”) and three instrumental bonus tracks (“Dancing On The Edge”, “Blind Faith (Jungle Mix)” and the closing acoustic solo “Etude”). Simonz is also a superb vocalist, and tracks such as “Now Your Turn” and “Destiny” bristle with neo-classical fury. A must-have for Kelly Simonz fans, and worth a very close listen for neo-classical fans in general.


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