01. Miguel Mascarenhas “Ate Qu’ Entim”  hspace=0
02. Luis Fernando “Cromatismo Craneano” 
03. Luiz Arantes “Zingara” 
04. Luis Moreno “Too Loud” 
05. Antonio Mardel “Sol Presto” 
06. Alexandre Manaia “E Entao?” 
07. Paulo Barros “Funny” 
08. Tiago Reis “Panoramania” 
09. Domingos Caetano “As Loucuras Da Deputada” 
10. Carlos Pires “When The Feeling’s Gone” 
11. Antonio Mardel “Out Blues” 
12. Tarot “Um Beijo No Ceu Da Boca” 
13. Goncalo Pereira “126sc” 
14. Hugo Sa “Aliens” 
15. Joao Lopes “Vento” 
16. Luis Moreno “Last But Not The Least”
Total time: 65:56
Release date: 2000

In a period when very few people wanted to bet on instrumental music, the publisher Musica Alternativa decided to show that it was the leader in providing solutions for new markets and three years ago edited, through the label Tornado Records, the first volume of a project named Guitarristas. This record brings together a great variety of Partuguese musicians (Luis Moreno, Paulo Barros, Goncalo Pereira, Miguel Mascarenhas, and more) whose main instrument is the guitar and in which we can find a sample of all styles: from the virtuoso performances to the strongest emotions of the blues. Through careful selection both of themes and musicians and great production and promotion work, this record exceeded all expectations and became a success. The bet was won and lead the way to wider horizons.