Swedish guitar player joined by Goran Edman, Jens Johansson (both ex- Yngwie Malmsteen). This is Benny’s third album and he has also made film music and performed and recorded with big Swedish names such as Erika (Malmsteen) and Svullo as well as with the band “Two Rocks”. Don’t let the Malmsteen connection fool you, Benny is no Yngwie clone, his music is very mature and combines elements of melodic hard rock and fusion into something highly original. Singer Goran Edman and keyboardist Jens Johanssen are the icing of the cake…

Benny Jansson – Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Goran Edman – Vocals
Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Mathias carnas – Bass
Daniel Flores – Drums