Enjoy project albums ? CDs which feature several amazing musicians with different yet compatible musical styles, all clamouring for your attention, all with something unique to offer? Then J.A.M. is for you. A marriage of European and American talent, J.A.M. is a mixture of hard-edged rock and blues fusion, pop rock, even ballads; all immersed in some seriously O.T.T. soloing from some of the finest musicians in the business.

Joel Rivard, Alessandro Benvenuti and Milan Polak all possess a wealth of experience under their belt, having performed live many times and having contributed to several musical projects utilising many diverse styles. J.A.M. witnesses a collaboration of the highest, with each player writing 3 songs over which the others solo.

The project also features keyboard maestro, Lale Larson (last heard on LNR’s Richard Hallebeek Project CD). J.A.M. is a feast of fantastic musicianship and unrestrained virtuoso playing which absolutely CANNOT be missed !