A musical epic and guitaristic, composed by Kenny Serane. This 13 tracks album transports us beyond various musical waves : of the jazz fusion in the progressive rock, by burning under flamenco notes, all the harmonious colors are linked under the fingers of Rainbowmaker. The electric guitar is a little special effects folk guitar and just like Georges Méliès was able to do in the movies, Kenny Serane invits you to travel not into the moon, but across many musical styles with one or multiple effects where the electric guitar is the Queen.


Kenny Serane : Guitar Programming

Enrico Galetta : Bass, Fretless Bass

Vincent Fabre : Drums

Romain Berguin : Solo Keys on “Tomato”

Fred “Babé” Mathieu : Rhythm guitar on “Coral”

Music Composed by Kenny Serane – Guitars recorded by Kenny Serane – Drums recorded by Patrice “Kïck” Quilichini Mixed and mastered by Kenny Serane except “Goldenrod”, mixed and mastered by Pierrick Merad and Kenny Serane at the Logical Studio

Artistic Director and visual marketing (website, cd artwork) : Nelly Tadjer

Kenny Serane plays Lâg guitars and Two Notes Torpedo Simulation Technology

Enrico Galetta Plays Sadowsky bass, Aguilar Amp and pedals, and DR strings.