“Q.E.D.,” short for  “Quod Erat Demonstrandum” — a fitting title for the culmination of almost two years of work bringing together a power team of twenty musicians in the fusion arena to breathe life into ten original compositions.  The variety of guests allowed for a tailored band to be formed for each tune, ranging from the hard-hitting rock fusion opener, “Destiny Controller,” to more jazz and Latin-influenced numbers like “Sheffield Songo.”  The Holdsworth-inspired vocal ballad, “Your Truth,” features some truly inspiring gutiar and synth guitar playing by Richard Hallebeek with a classic rhythm section lineup: Jimmy Johnson (bass), Gary Husband (drums and piano solo).
Finally we arrive full circle to the title track featuring rock/metal fusion group “Planet X” members and alumni in a fusion space-metal tour de force!
Take solid compositions, a killer “base” rhythm section including Ric Fierabracci (bass), Shane Gaalaas (drums), and Joel Rosenblatt (Drums), add a liberal smattering of special guests, and what happens?  The recordings tell the story.