Swing Rocks! Glenn Miller songs played with 14 guitars!
But why on earth with hard rock guitars?
Well, Raimund Burke is a very talented guitar player which he has already proven on previous works.
But what he achieved on this album with the Glenn Miller Classics is exceptional!
The idea to work on a complete Glenn Miller Tribute CD was already born in 1993. But at that time the technical possibilities were not as advanced as today in order to finish the project on this high level.
Nowadays it is almost impossible to create something never heard of but Raimund has succeeded with this absolutely unique genre.
This mesmerizing mix of the original brass sections (including the original solos), all of which have been faithfully (and exclusively by ear) performed on the guitar, in combination with modern guitar techniques, and Hard Rock style drumming, will have Hard Rock and Big Band era fans alike spellbound.
On each song there are 10 to 14 guitars (single notes), which capture the Big Band sound with unbelievable lightness to the delight of the listener.
And there is more – Raimund was able to win over two incredible authentic and great solo voices for 3 vocal numbers that fit perfectly. Raimund also, with the help of another jazz singer, contributed to the choir voices.
This album is a must for every fan of good music, may it Jazz, Rock or Fusion or Pop, everybody will enjoy this unique masterpiece!