Daniele Liverani: Keyboards
Tommy Ermolli: Guitars
Rufus Philpot: Bass
Virgil Donati: Drums

Daniele Liverani’s new project COSMICS mark their debut with the instrumental / experimental concept album “THE COSMIC YEAR”. The album, a collection of 10 tracks within a melodic and progressive metal setting are based around the keyboard wizardry of Daniele Liverani (Twinspirits, Genius, Khymera), along with “special guest” drummer Virgil Donati (Steve Vai, Planet X, Ring Of Fire), young guitar hotshot Tommy Ermolli (Twinspirits, Khymera) and respected bassist Rufus Philpot (Planet X) show that progressive music can be both accessible and intelligently written.

Each track contains various movements given a sonic reference to specific moments in the evolution of the universe which maintain both a progressive outlook yet work cohesively as a sonic unit and as single entities. Daniele Liverani showcases immense skill in this his most complex, visionary and progressive work to date. Guitarist Tommy Ermolli’s performance will only go to further the reputation this 20 year old has earnt so far. This musical vision is extended further with the stunning rhythm section interaction between Rufus Philpot and Virgil Donati that the listener will have come to expect from their work together in Planet X.

Story Concept
“The Cosmic Year” is an instrumental tour-de-force influenced by the evolution of the universe from big bang to present day. The concept taken from concept idea, taken from Carl Sagan “The Dragons of Eden” book is based on the theory of years of universe’ evolution compared to one solar year, approximately 365 days, 8760 hours, 31.536.000 seconds…