Feeling, melody, groove, technique, emotions… If these terms are for you synonymous with music, then come and discover the first album of Victor Lafuente, through which he combines these various terms with guitar sauce.
Between instrumental control and melody detail, this talented guitarist develops a varied music inspired by a great number of styles (rock’n’roll, metal, funk, blues, jazz, classical…) and seeks a certain balance between electric and acoustic universes.
The followers of this musical register will recognize various influences such as Satriani, Vai, Shan Lane or Santana, whereas the neophytes can only appreciate the accessibility and the melodicity of his musical purpose. As the album title says, with “Six Strings For One Heart”, Victor exposes his emotional approach of the guitar and the music to deliver 12 titles “made At home”.
Don’t miss this beautiful discovery, tighten the ear, your heart will thank you…