Criminal Record is the third instrumental solo album by Adrian Weiss, known as the guitarist of German power metal band Gloryful, with whom he just recently released the album End Of The Night. On Criminal Record Adrian emphasizes dynamics and atmosphere in his melodic guitar playing excursions even more than on his previous solo albums.
The album features a song entitled Completely Cut Loose co-written and performed with Jen Majura, the new guitarist of Evanescence. The song was featured in a video clip that contains unique footage of underwater guitar playing and was released on Dec 5 2016, three days prior to the album.
Like on the first two albums the bass and drums were tracked by Adrian´s long time friends and band mates Marcel Willnat and Lars Zehner who both also perform live with Adrian in his instrumental trio.
In addition the following guest musicians are featured on ‘Criminal Record’:
– Stefan Weber (Axxis, Lion Twin, Rebattered)
– Jimmy Pitts (Eternity´s End, The Fractured Dimension, Pitts/Minnemann-Project)
– Michael Dietz (Warrant, Monstagon)
– Niels Loeffler (Orden Ogan)
– Tom Geldschläger (Obscura, Fountainhead)

Recording, production and mix: Tim Schulte
Mastering: Eroc at EMR
Artwork: Björn Gooßes (Killustrations)
Adrian Weiss has shared stages with Accept, Hammerfall, Animals As Leaders, Victor Smolski, Christian Münzner, Waltari and many others with his bands and instrumental trio.
He is looking forward to bring the songs of the new album to as many stages as possible.