Curt Shaw is simply the best new metal guitarist, and his self-titled debut CD proves this beyond any shadow of doubt. His blazing technical leads are beyond this world with his classic shredding, but you will also be intrigued by his unique rhythms. Curt’s focus on composition allows you to travel with his songs. Meticulous care and effort were put into each song to inspire and allow you to immerse yourself into the scene of the music. Songs like “Egyptian Moon” and “Ilsa Majeras” will take you off to a distant land that extends far beyond your back yard. Curt delivers the ultimate “high-tech shredding”, yet he does not limit himself to one style; you will also hear beautiful finger picking and classical pieces. His creative range will astound you. Curt’s music features amazing leads and composition that demands attention. You must invest in this collection from Curt Shaw.