He has been a guitarist from the adolescence, he will be bewitched by the famous Steve VAI and it is due to him, his first tries on the ways of the instrumental rock. His purpose is to lead out the auditor to the travel, that the notes don’t be simply performed, but , pass on some feelings through a melody, a phrasing, and also an images.

Joining classified bands as “Metal”, Frédéric has played by various concerts tour and shared the stages with Black bomb A, Eyeless, Sybreed, Nightmare, Shakra, Mass Hysteria, Christophe GODIN… But, within “Uncolored Wishes” who realises a Theatrical Metal Music he build up a natural new figure of “Light Man’s Soul”.

A blend of a Native American and a western man. A Mixing of free land and some lawless people came from everywhere in europe, expecting for a new world urged by the need of freedom and a kind of redemption, the settlers jailed themselves by their own laws that they’ll never be able to apply.

Let yourself be drawn by this album tinged with bounty and candour. Enter the world of

“Light Man’s Soul”