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Total time: 58:05
Release date: 02/2008

Marco Sfogli is arguably the world’s hottest guitarist of the next generation. With a style equally at home in almost every genre, from full on shred to straight pop tunes to mind blowing fusion songs, its little wonder that Marco was the guitarist of choice when Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie went looking for a guitarist to perform and then tour for his “Elements Of Persuasion” album.

Marco has more recently been heard on the critically acclaimed John Macaluso & Union Radio debut “The Radio Waves Goodbye” and it’s now that guitar fanatics worldwide have the chance to hear what Marco can do when given free reign in the instrumental realm.

His debut “There’s Hope” is 11 tracks with a mix of influences Marco has absorbed since he took up the guitar at age 9. On the album Marco comments, “There are plenty of shred records out there and sounds like many guitarists are losing the melodic component. My goal was to make it very melodic with the right amount of fire!”

“There’s Hope” delivers Marco’s aims with stunning precision, detail and emotional content sure to make it a “must own” release for fans of quality music and virtuoso guitar work.