MIOSIS are a dark progressive rock/metal band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden who have been gaining a strong reputation with live music fans in Sweden along with a more international following due to very positive reviews of a self released EP. With their debut release “ALBEDO ADAPTATION”, Miosis offer seven tracks of music that is both modern and classic at the same time.

Miosis plays a dark and dynamic brand of prog rock/metal with a sound that draws parallels to the likes of Tool and Isis but with its own edge and personality. Whilst many progressive bands aim is to dazzle all listeners with amazing virtuoso musicianship, Miosis do so in more subtle measures, preferring to build songs around a correlation between the instruments and vocals making their musical journey more of a voyage through a sonic spectrum. The music of Miosis is all about creating moods for the somewhat depressive and often self-reflecting poetry of the lyrics, it is about finding a way to create images of the darker corners of the soul, in minds and hearts that are explored, contemplated upon and poured out in interesting, tasteful musical arrangements.

The writing for ‘Albedo Adaptation’ was the process of several years where ‘Red’ is the newest composition and ‘Once Divine’ being the oldest. The recordings took place in September 2007 at Belly of the whale studio, Gothenburg.