PROJECT MASQUERADE is the brainchild of Dutch guitarist / songwriter Noud Smeets, . The new album “ NOTHING BUT EVERYTHING WILL REMAIN” follows up the highly acclaimed “Cybernetic Empire” cd, released in 2010 on the Italian Steelheart label. It is a culmination of brutal but melodic heavy/power metal at its best. Packed full of powerful songs and first class musicianship with soaring vocals, lightning fast guitars and a rock solid backline, Project Masquerade albums a line-up of some well known names in progressive / power / metal circles provide the potent performances on the album. Drums come from Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot, Lita Ford, Sun Caged), Bass tracks are performed by Barend “The Bear” Courbois, (worked with Tamas Szekeres, Bert Heerink, Michael Lee Firkins, Zakk Wylde, Ian Parry, Vengeace and Steve Fister to name a few), Mark Brekelmans (Xystus, Edge of Serenity) and Doug Odell (Ted Poley & session player) Noud Smeets is also proud to introduce some great vocals on the album by Chandler Mogel (Outloud), Dmitry Kostitsyn (Hung), Daniel Verbrugge ( Ethereal), Michel Zandbergen (Masquerade, Picture) and dutch singer-songwriter Grain, who made a breathtaking solo album last year.

Musically, Project Masquerade leans towards the classis heavy metal sound with moments of complex heavy thunder rhythm contrast with very groove based melodic parts, and of course brilliant solo sections, and singable choruses all which give the album its own distinctive sound. It’s all about energy, aggression, melodies and finesse . Lyrically the album tries to find themes in specific stories and circumstances. Opening track DISEASE tells the story of Persian born scientist and polymath Ibn al-Haytham ( known in the West as Alhazen) Alhazen made significant contributions to the principles of optics, as well as to physics, astronomy, mathematics, ophthalmology, philosophy, visual perception, and to the scientific method. He is considered as the father of modern optics . MASTERPLAN, the only instrumental track in the album is based on “Metropolis”, a movie directed by Fritz Lang in 1927. Another important theme on the album is “finding your soulmate”, represented by two tracks: “ “Carve your heart” and “ Restless Souls” When a child is born it has a male or a female soul and you have to search all your life to find the opposite part. These two opposites have no power alone, but, when united they have the power to create in this world. The album was written and recorded between 2008 and 2010 . Mixing, mastering and Artwork took the better part of 2011. Recorded in the Netherlands and in New York and mixed and mastered by Tommie Bonajo (Blindsight) at the Tomsterproject studio.