Total time: 58:05
Release date: 10/2008

SHADRANE is the metal/progressive band-project of Vivien Lalu (Lalu, Hubi Meisel), Joop Wolters (Dutch guitar virtuoso) and the legendary brothers rhythm section of Matt and Gregg Bissonette (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai etc). From a vocal perspective SHADRANE makes use of different singers, according to the tracks needs with vocals coming from Göran Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Street Talk, Brazen Abbot), Björn Jansson (Tears Of Anger, Ride The Sky, Beyond Twilight) and Henrik Båth (Darkwater) along with some backing vocals from Martin LeMar (Tomorrow’s Eve). Musically “TEMPORAL” is a blend of prog-metal (Temporal, She Writes), power-metal (Betrayal, Morpheus) and more pop driven rock (Rainy, Consider It) – yet Shadrane’s own personality shines through all the compositions. Lyrically the tracks don’t follow the story’s order; yet the songs are inspired by the concept/story, but they’re not telling every event in chronological order like a movie would do.

On the album Vivien comments, “I’ve always been influenced by dramatic movies and orchestral scores in general. I would make a movie out of the story if I could. I was inspired by my grandparents’ tragic life when I wrote it. I wanted to write an album about the stupidity of war, but also love, grief, mourning and redemption. I believe that nothing last forever, that “everything is temporal”. Not too happy, I admit, the complete opposite of my debut “ONIRIC METAL” (released under the Lalu moniker) where I stated that “love is eternal”. I have a totally different state of mind today, than the day when I started to write the concept/music. Many people around me (both family and friends) have died during the making of the album and while there were bad times for my wife and I, it made my brain work a lot. Fortunately, there was also the birth of my daughter which happened during the production, so I “brainstormed” even more. I guess all these things influenced the compositions and the story writing (in many ways)”.