////The Alchemists Vol.1 – CD1 [MP3]

The Alchemists Vol.1 – CD1 [MP3]



CD 1

1) Dark Ages - Richard Daudé 

2) Fives - Guthrie Govan 
3) Ritual Dance - Terry Syrek
4) Schrödingers Cat - Stephen Ross
5) Seasons - Richard Hallebeek
6) The Rain - Todd Duane
7) Crash & Burn - Marc Pattison
8) What The Hell - Dave Martone 

9) Common Ground - Scott Hughes
10) Whatever It May Be - Magnus Olsson
11) Mafalda - Bumblefoot
12) Out In The Boonies - Phi Yaan-Zek
13) Rising Of The Mourning Son - Workman
14) Sometimes I Still Miss You - M. Polak  


Total time on CD1: 70:40
Release date: 2002

Alchemy – the process of turning base metal into gold. Translating technique into musical experience. These are The Alchemists. This is the album you hold in your hands, a collection of 27 of the world’s finest guitarists.

The Alchemists is the first release on independent guitar label, Liquid Note Records, whose priority is to produce high quality music featuring some of the hottest players in the business.

On this album, you will discover outstanding virtuosity, advanced technical prowess – musicians with an innate ability to move the contents of their heads directly into our hearts. Unlike almost any other modern instrument, the guitar is uniquely suited to speak in a variety of tongues; to express its emotional content in countless languages and in numerous dialects. Here you will find heavy tracks, OTT shredding tunes, gentler, more relaxed moments – premier musicianship from an array of unique talent.

Featuring a diverse collection of extraordinary talent, including Bumblefoot, Brett Garsed, Mario Parga, Cyril Achard, Richard Hallebeek, Guthrie Govan, Stephan Forte and many others, this 140 min double CD will introduce you to emotional soundscapes as well as nearly every conceivable style of guitar playing from every corner of the globe.



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