If you love the legato playing style of today's cutting edge guitarists this DVD is for you.

In this one hour DVD Derryl covers ideas that he uses to melodically navigate the neck. These ideas are based on sequencing short musical phrases using the legato technique. Additionally, he shares with us some approaches for playing liquidy smooth, long arpeggio and pentatonic phrases. He also shows you how he adds right handed hammer-ons and pull-offs using the two fingers of his picking hand to extend these phrases.

Topics covered are
1. Digital Patterns
2. Arpeggio Sequences
3. Arpeggio Sequences with a 2, 5, 1
4. Pentatonic Sequences
5. 313313 Pentatonics
6. 313 Pentatonic Maneuvers
7. 313313 Arpeggio
8. Hybrids
9. Heptatonics
10. 313214 Arpeggios
11. String Skipping Arpeggios
12. String Skipping Arpeggio Extensions

All examples are transcribed in the Power Tab format (standard notation and tab)
The DVD also includes interactive menus, and a complete tune performance.

Here is a short video sample (video and sound quality are of course really better in the DVD)