In this session Derryl focus in on showing you how to use alternate, economy, and sweep picking to blaze all over the fret board using very interesting and exciting pentatonic ideas.

By learning and understanding these concepts you can also apply them to scales, arpeggios, hybrids, and heptatonic ideas shown in CLP 1 and 2. Are those legato runs not working so good when you pick up the acoustic guitar? No problem. If you're ready to take your solos to the next level this is what you need.

Fans of Shawn Lane, Frank Gambale, John McLaughlin, and Eric Johnson will dig this DVD.

1. 3NPS Horizontal Pentatonics
2. 3NPS Vertical Pentatonics
3. 313 Pentatonics
4. 31313 Pentatonics
5. 313313 Pentatonics
6. 313313 Pentatonic Shifts
7. Horizontal and Vertical Pentatonic Groupings of Four, Triplets, Quintuplets,
Sextuplets, Septuplets, and groups of nine.
8. Studio Performances (performances of me improvising over a jazz blues, demonstrating how I use these ideas)
9. Power Tab tutorial
10. Scenes from other DVDs

Also included is an improvisational formulas chart showing you what pentatonics among other things that Derryl tend to use over particular chords.

Here is a short video sample (video and sound quality are of course really better in the DVD)