1.  Silent Cries
2.  Anarchy Divine
3.  Through Different Eyes
4.  Nothing Left to Say
5.  Point of View
6.  Eye to Eye
7.  Monument
8.  A Pleasant Shade of Grey, parts X to XII
9.  At Fate’s Hands
10. Prelude to Ruin
11. The Eleventh Hour
The Making of “Parallels” (1990)
“Disconnected” Studio Footage (2000)

All songs: by Matheos, except:
1: by Matheos, Aresti, DiBiase, Zimmerman,
2: by Aresti, Matheos,
9: by Matheos, Aresti, DiBiase,
10: by Matheos, Arch.


Jim Matheos – lead & rhythm guitars
Ray Alder – vocals
Mark Zonder – drums
Joe DiBiase – basses
Frank Aresti – lead guitars
Joey Vera – basses
Kevin Moore – keyboards
A few session musicians

Total time: 98:14
Release date: 2003
Region 1
A career-overview of one of the biggest Progressive metal bands in the USA, THE VIEW FROM HERE consists of live and video material from Fates Warning. Tracks include “Silent Cries,” “Through Different Eyes,” “Monument” and many more!