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In this film, noted guitar player Albert Lee focuses the techniques of his earlier instructional films, Advanced Country Guitar and Virtuoso Techniques, to offer his unique style. Lee presents a variety of country guitar styles, from down-home banjo picking to the dazzling finger runs of legends like Chet Atkins. He also demonstrates how the mastery of basic chords can impart the techniques needed for dazzling lead playing.

1. "That's All Right Mama" [3:38]
2. Soloing [4:48]
3. Intros and Endings [5:50]
4. "Fun Ranch Boogie" [2:09]
5. Double-Stop Runs [3:35]
6. "Country Boy" [4:03]
7. Banjo-Style Picking [4:33]
8. "Sweet Little Lisa" [2:54]
9. Mimicking Pedal-Steel Guitar [3:21]
10. Albert Jams [10:51]
11. Conclusion [:30]
12. "T-Bird to Vegas" [3:33]

Release Date: 07/2002
Total time: 50 min

Region: All


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