///Paul Gilbert – Terrifying Guitar Trip

Paul Gilbert – Terrifying Guitar Trip


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At the age of 19, Paul Gilbert recorded his first album with the band Racer X and stunned audiences in L.A. with his fast, clean and intense rock guitar style. After two more psycho-speed-guitar albums with Racer X, Paul left to form Mr. Big with monster-musicians Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, and Pat Torpey. Mr. Big’s debut established Paul as a seasoned player, able to combine ripping guitar licks with dynamics and feel.

Hosted by guitarist Paul Gilbert, this video provides instruction and entertainment for guitar enthusiasts and fans alike. Between footage from a controlled studio atmosphere as well as the more unpredictable environment of performing live, Gilbert takes pause in order to offer advice for beginners, and challenging selections for seasoned guiter players.

Total time: 77 min

Release date: 12/2006

Media:  DVD (Region All)
Language:  English


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