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Popa Chubby in Concert


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1. Heart Attack and Vine [5:40]
2. Trail O' Tears [7:46]
3. Angel on My Shoulder [5:32]
4. Stoop Down Baby [7:05]
5. Caffine and Nicotine [6:08]
6. Isis [9:36]
7. Dance the Night Away [7:56]
8. It's Chubby Time [8:31]


Release Date: 08/2002
Region: ALL
Audio: Dolby Digital w/ sub-woofer channel, PCM stereo
Language: English, German

The European music program Ohne Filter – Musik Pur prides itself on allowing performers from various genres to play the music that they are best known for. This video contains an appearance by the gifted blues guitarist Popa Chubby. Songs performed during the show include “Caffeine and Nicotine”, “It’s Chubby Time”, “Heart Attack and Vine”, and “Angel on My Shoulder”.


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