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The Official MESA® Impulse Response Cab Packs are the definitive virtual cabinets of the most popular Mesa products with some of the world’s most renowned microphones. Mesa IRs are meticulously captured to deliver great Tone via Two notes hardware and software. Both packs use the same seven Mesa cabs and the World Tour Edition pack uses eight of the most popular microphones used in live and touring applications. The Studio Legends Edition utilizes eight exceptional examples of some of the most well-known studio mics used on some of the greatest guitar recordings created.

Mesa Artist Jamie Humphries created this demo using a Mini Rectifier head through a Two notes Captor load box directly into his Cubase DAW and the Wall of Sound plugin. There’s a huge variety of Tones and options throughout the demo, using different cabs and mics from each pack. The opening single string riff is doubled and panned using two Rectifier Oversized 4×12 Slant cabs and mic’d with a 313 ribbon mic on each cab. The same riff is doubled and panned at the end but uses a Recto 4×12 on the left with an SM57 while the right uses a Rectifier 2×12 with a 122 ribbon mic for a bit more snarl and edge to close out the song.

The possibilities are endless while the quality of the captures is undeniable. You can demo them for free via the Wall of Sound plugin in your preferred DAW.

Cabs and mics used throughout the demo:

:13 4×12 Rectifier Standard OS Slant (SLE) – Ribbon 313 – doubled and panned
:30 4×12 Rectifier Traditional Slant (WTE) – Dynamic 57 – mono/centered
:47 2×12 Rectifier Closed Back (SLE) – Ribbon 122 – triple harmony and panned
:59 4×12 Rectifier Standard OS Slant (SLE) – Ribbon 313 – doubled and panned
1:16 212 Lone Star Open Back (SLE) – Condenser 67 (left) and Condenser Tube 251 (Right)
1:33 1×12 Lone Star Open Back (WTE) – Condenser 414 – mono centered
1:50 2×12 Rectifier Closed Back (WTE) – Dynamic 57 (left) and Dynamic 7B (right) – stereo and panned
1:58 1×12 Rectifier Closed Back (WTE) – Dynamic 421 – mono/centered
2:16 4×12 Rectifier Traditional Slant (WTE) – Dynamic i5 (left) and Rectifier 2×12 Closed Back (SLE) Ribbon 22N – doubled and panned

Buy or demo full packs or individual Impulse Responses from the Two Notes store here:

The World Tour edition pack:

The Studio Legend Edition pack:

Individual Cabs:

And for more information on Mesa Impulse Responses:

Big thanks to Jamie Humphries for writing and recording this original riff and integrating all the new Mesa Impulse Responses for this demo. Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie Humphries!

Check out more Jamie Humphries Guitar Studio:


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