Bumblefoot - Little Brother Is Watching [Official Video]

Published on 16 April 2015 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

Written, directed & edited by Gabriella Loutfi @ Bittersweet Pictures www.bittersweetpictures.org

Director Gabriella Loutfi took a real cinematic approach with the song subject – rather than showing the current evolution of Orwell’s 1984 “Big Brother”, we turned the clock back to 1984 BC, showing how power struggles for control and order are timeless. The video plays out like chapters of a story – dominating rule, a demand for instant gratification, a revolt and the tables turn. Gabriella gave a ‘tip of the hat’ to pioneer filmmakers like George Méliès, often choosing organic methods rather than digital effects. An example is the drowning scenes – long blue and white sheets stretching across a room, each end held by crew, being rippled and waved by hand as the actors would descend between them.

Big THANK YOU to Gabriella and the crew, actors & ol’ friends, Lainie Speiser for hooking up our HQ NYC location and the wonderful guests Maryjean, Anju McIntyre & Lux Suicide… and of course the band! Dennis Leeflang (drums), Rocco Monterosso (guitar) & Frankie Italiano (bass). And the queen, “Mrs Foot”! Thank you for ‘watching’ the video, I hope you enjoy 🙂

Bumblefoot “Little Brother Is Watching” album now on iTunes…

Watch ‘Making Of’ “Little Brother Is Watching” album on YouTube…


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