Published on 21 July 2017 by GuitarEuroMedia

Devin Townsend and his guitar player, Dave Young, came to visit Hughes & Kettner in Germany in June 2017!

Here we sit Devin and Dave down together on the famous Hughes & Kettner couch to talk about the evolution of the band, putting trust in each other, and the future of the Devin Townsend Project. Plus, Devin emotionally scars Rich forever by showing him something on his phone. Enjoy!

Here are the chapters of this interview:

0:30 The Hughes & Kettner couch legend
1:06 Rich is a great interviewer
1:44 What’s coming up for the Devin Townsend Project?
5:12 Dave on how his role in the band has changed over the years
6:51 Devin on trusting his bandmates and becoming a douche
9:34 Dave on executing Devin’s visions as a band
10:21 Devin on the band executing his creative visions
12:49 Dave on putting his personality into Devin’s songs
16:33 Devin on how his band members improving his creative process
19:53 What’s on Devin’s phone?

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