Five Faces of the MESA/Boogie Fillmore Series featuring Jamie Humphries – Part One – Clean to Grind

Published on 17 September 2019 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

In the first of a multi-session series, MESA Artist Jamie Humphries runs through a John Mayer, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson inspired funk/fusion track he has written to showcase a range of clean tones available from the Fillmore 50, from clean on through to grind. The verse features a John Mayer inspired riff, that uses a tight focused clean tone performed with pick and fingers for a percussive snappy tone. In contrast the chorus includes some rich Vai-esque style chords and Hendrix inspired double stops. For the middle section Jamie looked to Eric Johnson for inspiration with some open voiced triads performed with a brighter clean tone showcasing the Fillmore’s lush rich reverb. The solo was inspired by blues and fusion style lines, and makes use of a slightly pushed tone adding a slight “bite” to the tone. For the outro a tight funk rhythm part performed with a mildly scooped, rich clean tone.

Following the play through, Jamie discusses settings and exactly how he achieved the tones he’s getting from the Fillmore 50, as well as dissecting some of the key sections. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the next in the series!

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